Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mountaineering Navigation Course 20 - 21 August

After having a real good think about what I want to do with my life a few months prior to this I've decided to pursue a career in the outdoors. I can't think of anything better! After looking around on the internet for awhile I found some info on the different mountain qualifications available. I found a website called which has a career in the mountains section showing you each step of the ladder to a career in the outdoors and the prospect of holding an MIA (Mountaineering Instructor Award) and being able to teach people to rock climb is all to appealing. I decided to get straight into it and emailed the guy who runs the website Rob Johnson. Unexpectedly he emailed me back within an hour with some information on where to start out my journey. I booked myself onto this Navigation course and couldn't wait!

So the weekend arrived and I was off to Snowdonia early on the Saturday morning to meet up at the Pinnicle Cafe in Capel Curig with Rob and the other people on the course. We set out to do some micro navigation around Llyn Cwmffynnon and I finally learn't how to use a compass - easier than I thought! After some further naving around some slopes and boggy ground we headed back to the car soaking wet. Great day out and I learn't a lot!

The following day I headed back to Capel Curig to meet the guys and we headed out to Ogwen to do some more naving on some more interesting terrain. It was great to be putting the skills learn't into use figuring out a scramble ascent up Pen Yr Olwen. I'd never been up here before but had done Tryfan with a friend a year earlier. Once we reached the summit the weather closed in and fog and rain completely removing visibility - Great naving weather!

We headed over to Carnedd Daffydd and then individually navigated a leg back to the car. Overall a great weekend and it was great to be learning useful skills! I had a good chat with Rob on the way back and he recommended I take the Mountain Leader Training at the end of November. As soon as I got into work the following day I booked the time offer and registered for the MLTUK to get my logbook for my ML and SPA and booked myself onto Rob's MLT in November! Can't wait.

On my way back from Snowdonia on the Sunday I met up with Alex for a quick climb in Llandudlas Cave. We warmed up on a F5 that's not in the guidebook then worked Guano On Sight 6a+ Great moves on brilliant features that climbs out of the cave towards the light! Came close on my first redpoint but couldn't get through the crux, I'll get this one soon!

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